Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What are you Investing in?


Hi Zero Mountain Family,

It has been a while. I hope the spring is finding everyone well. There is such new vitality in the air around this time of year. We start to brush off the dust from the winter hibernation and all the sudden everything begins to bloom. With all this new energy, there is a time and a place to start fresh.

I was thinking earlier today about investments. Maybe it's the tax season... or simply the reality that what we invest in is important to the quality of our life. Time is priceless. How we spend our energy makes up how we spend our days, which becomes how we spend a lot of our life. We work, we might spend time with family, our dogs, our cats, our friends, we may cook, clean, work out and although, this all may feel mundane there is such a blessing in each and every day. How we invest in it makes all the difference. Each day is a new beginning, a fresh start, so to make it count choose to invest in it.

1. Wake up with Gratitude.
2. Choose an affirmation: Yep, wake up and remind yourself that you are whole, complete, powerful, worthy, strong, capable, beautiful, loving and awesome
3. Drink Water
4. Move Daily
5. Hug. That's right, hug someone. It releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone
6. Eat Well and with people you care about as often as you can. Sharing meals also releases oxytocin.
7. Choose veggies
8. Eat some dark chocolate
9. Do something that makes your heart happy, every day.
10. Sleep

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