Thursday, September 18, 2014

Let's Talk Protein

How much do you actually need and how much is actually in the food we eat?

When you hear the word you probably think of meat? But guess what? Broccoli also has protein. Yep! When it comes to plant vs. animal protein this is where it gets a little tricky. For the most part, I will say that we don't need as much protein as we think, however, it is a very important part of our every day diet. My favorite sources for protein are nuts, seeds, almond butter, tempeh, red meat and quinoa. Those are my top five. Chicken is also a great source of protein but the benefits you receive from red meat as far as nourishing your red blood cells, iron and helping to repair your muscles is so important. If you are a vegetarian, there are excellent sources of plant based proteins that contain iron.

It is best to try to be as well rounded as possible when choosing your protein sources. A little at every meal is great!

Adding almonds on top of a spinach salad is a great way to incorporate good protein + iron. For breakfast you can put some almond butter on top of a piece of toast or an apple. For dinner perhaps have a chicken breast or a couple of slices of steak. You don't have to eat the whole thing in one sitting! Save some for lunch!

The goal is to try to be as well-rounded as possible. Incorporating veggies, whole grains and fruits are also very important items to remember and don't forget the water!! 

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