Monday, February 27, 2017

Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Over the weekend, we decided to make lettuce wraps.

Noah went to the grocery store to pick everything up and I had a few things in the fridge that I never know what to do with... cauliflower being one of those things.
I had seen the week before some idea for a stir-fry recipe and someone had made one using cauliflower instead of doing fried rice. I thought it was a great idea!

Noah, doesn't tend to be a healthy eater. Often he grumbles when I make food at how healthy everything is...

So lately, I have been trying to sneak it in.

While he was busy doing other things, I quickly got a skillet out, put some coconut oil in the pan, and cut up the head of cauliflower I had. I chopped it pretty thinly into small crumbles and added garlic powder, black pepper, and some red chili for some heat. I let it cook for about 5 minutes and then added in some carrots. It was really easy. I didn't use a recipe and you can do everything to taste.
You could also use some tamari sauce, or low-sodium soy sauce, along with ginger dressing.

Noah put the ground beef on the stove, and we used a head of butter lettuce for our "taco shells." It was great and even Noah liked it, so I highly recommend, especially if you have grumbles from family about healthy eating. **Seriously, they won't even notice what the cauliflower is!

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