Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Gift of Wellness

One of the most vital and critical parts of life is our state of wellness. When we feel good, we're able to accomplish more, be there for others, be there for ourselves and really work hard to fulfill what we want in our life. Life is a gift. We know this. How we treat it, spend it and use it however, is up to us. As we head into September, we might already be feeling a shift. The weather has cooled down, the light is a little different in the mornings and nature is beginning to suggest change. We're changing all the time, what we need is changing all the time and at Zero Mountain, I am here to help facilitate positive change when it comes to overall health and wellness. Some of you know that I have a yoga studio up in Fayetteville called Maitri Yoga. The word maitri (my-tree), means loving-kindness to oneself. The reason why I chose this name is because from the moment I stepped onto my yoga mat, I felt a change. There was a shift and after I got home from class I wrote that I had just experienced the beginning of everything. It's amazing how one moment can change our life. It's incredible how someone's words can affect us so deeply and how life is always giving us what we need. It's taken me a long time to learn how to take care of myself. In fact, it's a work-in progress every single day. Through the years, since I was about 22 I have worked really hard to heal my body and my life. I went from feeling disconnected, depleted, tired, out of touch, distant, emotionally drained, not looking or feeling like myself to feeling connected, rejuvenated, grounded, present, emotionally available and looking/feeling like myself, my true self. Life is busy. We work, we have obligations, families, things to take care of, mouths to feed and a day to get through, but it's better to be thriving rather than surviving, trust me. However, it takes a commitment to yourself; to your health, to your feelings, to your needs, to your body, heart and mind. We have the power to take care of ourselves and get what we need. Here are some things I have learned through the years, that I wanted to share with you guys.

1. Love Yourself. Unconditionally. No exceptions
2. Forgive Yourself. Yep. Forgive yourself for the times when you didn't know better, didn't take care of yourself and were hard on yourself. Forgive yourself when you didn't love yourself.
3. Get Rest. Take breaks. 
4. Eat like you love yourself. When you're body is hungry, feed it with nutrients
5. Listen to your body. You know that quote, "You know more than you think." It's true. All we have to do is listen.

I am graduating with my license as a wellness coach. We have been trained to be holistic health and wellness counselors and I would love to share this with all of you. I have learned a lot, not only through this program, but in my own journey. 

This September: Live well. Love well. Work well. 

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